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    Arab Countries Trading Company (ACTICO)
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    Arab Countries Trading Company (ACTICO)

Why Work With Us ?

Arab Countries Trading Company


Established in Amman Jordan in 1983, Arab Countries Trading Company (ACTICO) is a Jordanian company specialized in providing our customers with all their industrial needs from raw materials, packaging means, machinery, finished products,…


+ 35 

Years Of Experince

Known to be the pioneers of industrial support, with over then 35 years of experience


+ 300


Proud to serve more than 300 clients worldwide


+ 50


By our side over than 50 prestigious companies,  to ensure best quality that serves our customers and markets


Our Products

pharma mall
Pharma Mall
Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals
Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals
Maintenance & Services
Agro-Vet & Feed
Agro-Vet & Feed
Home Care
Homecare & Detergents
Industrial Chemicals
medical division
Medical Division

Our Activities

  • As a part of our ongoing efforts and continuous pursuit to strengthen our relationships with our customers, and stay updated on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industries, we took part in the Arab Pharma Manufacturers' Expo that took place at the Zara Exhibition Hall in Hayat Amman Hotel, from July 27th-28th, 2022.

    Our booth was visited by a large number of pharmaceutical and medical companies interested in the pharmaceutical industries. Visitors were able to learn about our pioneering experience and progress as a provider of raw materials, non-raw materials, and machinery to the pharmaceutical industries in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, and several other Arab countries.

    A group of our pioneer partners participated with us side by side in this fair, and were able to have fruitful meetings during the show.

    We were pleased to answer visitors' inquiries and hold constructive meetings that serve the industry and contribute to its development.


  • In our continued efforts to build our relationships with our customers, and to keep up to date with the latest in pharmaceuticals, we recently took part in the Arab Pharma Manufacturer’s Expo. The Expo was held in Hayat Amman Hotel in Jordan on the 27th and 28th July 2022, where our booth was visited by many leading companies in the industry.

    Our participation was an opportunity to showcase our pioneering experience as an intermediary and distributor of pharmaceutical supplies (including raw materials, machinery, equipment, etc.) for the industry across the Middle East including in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Tunisia. Our participation was in partnership with many of our suppliers who contributed some technical expertise and input, as well as answered customers’ queries.