Environmentally friendly detergents and disinfectants.


Automated surface bio-disinfection by nebulizing the disinfectant and sprays it around the closed room area with a particle size range of 5 µm. The dual effect of Nocospray (The machine) and Nocolyse (The disinfectant) enables the air and the surfaces to be disinfected automatically, even surfaces in the most inaccessible areas can be treated, whereby it reduces the risk of infection to a minimum and keeps your area safe and clean.

Airborne diffusion, means that

  • Nocospray (covers 1,000m4)
  • Nocomax (Covers 20,000 m3)
  • Nocolyse neutral (6% Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant)
  • Nocolyse Food (7.9 % Hydrogen peroxide food grade disinfectant)
  • Nocotest (chemical indication of the path taken by the disinfectant)
  • Nocobox (Biological indication of pre and post the disinfection process) 

A biocleaning method 100% ecologic

Suitable for many sectors of activities: Healthcare, Communities, Industries, Hotels, Transport, etc.

Attested by numerous validation, by users satisfaction and by certifications Medical CE - ISO 13485 - ISO 9001

For sterilization and disinfection by steam only, without the need for any additional chemicals.



SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19, is sensitive and reactive to the hydrogen peroxide disinfectants found in our SANIVAP and NOCOTECH devices.

What we do in ACTICO as an exclusive agent:

  • Offer the Machine and the disinfectants.
  • Offer Services upon contracts and agreements.
  • Offer Services upon call or demand.

We give pre and post validation of the disinfected area, to insure the efficacy of the disinfection process.


Lab services

Installation and calibration with IQ and OQ documentation.

  • Condalab: Dehydrated Culture Media.
  • GKE: Chemical and biological indicator for sterilization processes in SIP (Sterilization in Place) and for monitoring the sterilization processes.
  • Hygiena: ATP testing through ATP bio-luminance for cleaning and hygiene monitoring.