The Medical division in ACTICO is specialized in medical equipment and consumables; in Sleep, Oxygenation, Respiratory, Pulmonology and Sterilization areas.

We represent several high-level medical establishments, such as:


SEFAM Medical - France
  • CPAP : DreamStar Intro, DreamStar Info, EcoStar with humidifier.
  • APAP : S.Box Auto with humidifier.
  • Bi-level : DreamStar Duo, DreamStar Duo ST with humidifiers.
  • Different Nasal and Facial masks.
  • Poly Link with S.Box


NATUS - USA : Diagnostic Portable sleep systems and Stationary Sleep Systems.
  • Portable Sleep Systems: Embletta MPR, Embletta MPR PG, Embletta MPR PG STProxy/ TS Proxy/ ST+ Proxy / TX Proxy.
  • Stationary Sleep Lab: Embla SDx, Embla NDx
CAIRE, Inc. - USA : Oxygen Concentrator; Home use and Portable use.

Is a leading global oxygen supply manufacturer offering stationary & portable concentrators.

  • Oxygen Concentrators 5 L: Companion, VisionAire5.
  • Oxygen Concentrators 8 L: Newlife Intensity 8
  • Oxygen Concentrators 10 L: Newlife Intensity 10
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Free Style, Esclipse.
eVent Medical- USA : Ventilators for Adult Pediatric and Neonates.

Manufacturing the most reliable, functionally advanced ICU Ventilators for Adult, Pediatric and Neonates.

  • eVolution Ventilator
  • Inspiration Ventilator
MGC Diagnostics Corporation - USA

   Manufacturing and developing systems for the diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

  • Pulmonary Function Tests:

- Platinum Elite Body Plethysmograph

- Ultima PF

- CPFS/D USB Spirometer

  • Metabolic Tests:

- Ultima PFX pulmonary

- Ultima CardiO2 Gas Exchange Analysis System

- Ultima CPX Metabolic Stress Testing System

  • Indirect Calorimetry

- Ultima CCM Indirect Calorimeter

- CCM Express Indirect Calorimeter

Vitalograph - Ireland : Spirometer Clinic use and Hospital Use.

Vitalograph a manufacturer for medical diagnostic respiratory device:

  • Spirometers
  • Lung & Asthma Monitors.
  • COPD Screeners.
  • Inhaler Training Solutions.

Different types of Spirometer Filters