Laboratory Department

 We work as agents and distributors with the most reputable companies internationally, originating from many countries, and complying with ISO and International standards.

Handling all quality control laboratory and in-process control requirements of equipment, instruments, and consumables across various industries, and other sectors.

In addition, that we are specialized to cover all laboratories requirements as same as below:

Laboratory and Medical Consumables which include the following categories

Volumetric and measurement, plastic and glassware which are manufactured according DIN/ ISO standards such as volumetric flask, measuring cylinders … etc.

Pipettes and liquid handing tools, which includes high quality burettes that are calibrated according DIN/ ISO standards, different volumes of graduated/ volumetric pipettes, manual/ electronic pipette fillers, dispensers, and wide range of single channel/multichannel micropipettes.

General Labware which includes wide range of beakers, flasks, bottles, jars/carboys, boxes, racks/stands, clamp, spatulas/scoops …etc.

Distillation/ filtration/ Separation and Samples preparation tools and equipment.

Life sciences/ microscopy and microbiology consumables.

Chromatography and spectroscopy accessories.

Chemicals, Microbiological Medial, Solvents and Reagents

We have been serving our customers with wide range of Laboratory Fine Chemicals, Dehydrated Culture Media and high purity solvents and reagents for different applications.  

Basic Laboratory and Scientific Instruments

Which includes testing, analytical, and measurements instruments.

Cleaning/Safety Protection and Sterilization Tools and Equipment

Cleaning and sterilization monitoring equipment

We cover a wide range of sectors with all their various needs
  • Clinical and healthcare sector; covering MOH, hospitals, medical and clinical laboratories and clinics, both private and public.
  • Regulated Industries Sector; covering customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Veterinary & Animal Health Care, Biotechnology, Vaccines and Serums, Food & Food Supplements, Personal Care, Water Authorities, Teaching & Research Centres at Universities and Schools available both private and public.
  • Non-Regulated Industries Sector; covering customers as coating, paints, adhesives, polymers, petrochemicals manufacturers, ...etc.

As well as Teaching & Research Centres at Universities and Schools, both private and public.

  • Also we participate in local tenders, for hospitals and educational institutes.