Agrochemicals and Veterinary Division


ACTICO Is a professional exporter specializing in veterinary drugs and feed additives for animal nutrition and health We are committed to quality, integrity and progress through involvement with our team members, customers, suppliers, and community in the aim of making the world healthier.

Starting since many years into the industrial support of agrochemicals and veterinary industries in JORDAN and neighboring countries ACTICO is a leader in sales and distribution of agrochemicals applications of raw materials formulations support of manufactures in the following categories, which also expands to support in parallel all veterinary products and applications, in partnership with international factories and products. our portfolio covers

Our team

ACTICO has a team well experienced at domestic business and international cooperation, which has worked at this field for many years and established a reputation among customers over the world for professional, reliable and efficient service.

We are pleased to announce that we added to support our customers and our Sales Team TECHNICAL Division to offer this service of formulations, regulatory and technical file specialists in order to achieve maximum support, and more sustainable business.

Veterinary pharmaceutical products:

Handling Veterinary Actives, Bulk Antibiotics, Chemotherapeutics, Performance Chemicals, Additives & Excipients, Solvents, for all veterinary drugs Industries.

Solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms, powder dosage forms and vials. topical formulations and treatments RAW materials.

Veterinary packaging Material

Glass Vials, Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Bottles, Aluminum cap, Plastic cap

Veterinary feeds and formulations

For powder mixtures, block feed mixtures and various feeding applications and mixtures Feed enzymes, Probiotics Functional feed additives, Industrial enzymes vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that impact feed presentation, preservation, hygiene, digestibility, or effect on intestinal health for Poultry and cattle.

In addition to standardized, high-quality products, we also provide customized solutions for our customers to target specific nutritional issues and maximize animal feed utility.

Agriculture SECTION
  • We offer ingredients for
  • Seed coatings
  • Active ingredients to help improve field performance, which can lead to higher yields. Crop protection chemicals, in a variety of agricultural formulations.  Including emulsifiers specialty polymers and blends can enhance the stability and biological performance of seed coatings.
  • Agricultural formulation enhancers for properties and biological efficacy.
  • Seed treatment
  • Flow side suspensions and suspo-emulsions to reduce dust hazards.
  • Solvent-based or microcapsule formulations as well as seed treatments with polymer film coatings.
  • Solvents, polymers and co-polymers, and cellulose ethers with technical expertise to provide solutions that can improve seed performance.
  • Agricultural pesticides ingredients including, actives materials and emulsifier systems.